The Fair Grounds Foundation in numbers

In collaboration with local contractors, many beautiful projects have already been realized.

6 Daycare centers
3 Playgrounds
1 Pharmacy
1 Community Center

Project selection

The Fair Grounds Foundation is an initiative of Axxent Masters in Tea. The foundation aims to improve the living, working, and overall conditions in tea-producing countries.

The selection of projects always involves consultation. Once a choice is made, the owner of the tea plantation is asked to create an investment plan and commit to the careful implementation of the project. To ensure the commitment of the plantation owners, a nominal financial contribution is requested for this purpose.

Partnership and long-term collaboration are prioritized in all projects.


The Fair Grounds Foundation was established in 2009 to give back to the families on and around the tea estates. Over the past years, various projects have been implemented in Sri Lanka. Since 2021, we have also initiated projects in India through the Fair Grounds Foundation, including the construction of a pharmacy.

You do not have to do something like this. You can produce locally because the tea itself is of top quality. And so is the knowledge. But the conditions are not yet. You can turn a blind eye to it. But you can also choose to do something about it. Provide the people you work with a better future.
Pim Oostrom | Director Axxent Masters in Tea